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Why UniWorld.io for A.i & Blocks economic


Lessons From History
Back in the Stone Age if you wanted to talk with someone, you had to walk over to their hut, find them, and start a conversation.
The Bronze Age, Although bronze changed the way humans killed each other, it did not drastically affect the way people lived
102 AD, the new age was the Paper Age. After the invention of paper by Cai Lun (蔡伦) in China, writing and paper dramatically affected the way people lived and did business.
In 1816s, The Telephone Age – from the first working telegraph and telephones greatly increased the speed of communication, and allowed people and businesses to communicate instantaneously over long distances. With the invention of the personal computer and the launch of the Apple II in 1977, and the IBM PC in 1981, we entered the Computer Age.
Although many people claim to have invented The Internet, the single point that defines the start of the Internet Age was the release of Netscape Navigator in 1994. In 2007, After the release of the iPhone we entered the Mobile Age. The Smartphone has again changed the way people live and do business, and unlike any other invention, has become part of us

In 2016, we have yet again entered a new era. With the announcements by Microsoft and Facebook this week we have entered the Bot Age. In the Bot Age, everyone can fully automate business, interact directly and instantaneously with all of customers, suppliers, and partners. Bots can integrate and connect everthing as automating interactions as well.
How is the new era created as fast as booming well? That is the result of industrial revolutions. Everywhere in the world is living in the 4.0 industrial revolution that introdution of connceted devices, data analytics and artificial intelligence technoloies to automate processes futher. But in 2016, Japan has marked the opening of the industrial revolution 5.0 or is it called smart society 5.0 that will be focus on the co-operation between man and machine, as human intelligence works in harmony with cognitive computing. By putting humans back into industrial production with collaborative robots, workers will be upskilled to provide value-added tasks in prodution, leading to mass customisation and personalisation for customers.

UniWorld For A.i & Blocks economic of smart society 5.0

The movement magic of the era of cyberspace, accompanied by the boom and continuous improvement of Blockchain. What blockchain promises is no less than the technological backbone of the 21st century’s renaissance of the social commons, giving back power to the people. In this century more than ever, power comes from data. Blockchain promises to give control of data back to the people. But this requires one element: trust in the technology, trust that it does what it’s supposed to do.
And all of the above has led to the formation of UniWorld ecosystem. First of all, Blockchain for bot application. We deploy smart contract to verify the chat bot, store online payment history and protect fraud transaction. And we are expanding their concept business of them to public. We are not people who create new technologies. Which we created concept business to fit smart society 5.0. And we gather the most advanced, cutting edge technologies to serve the A.i and Blockchain economic, what is called UniWorld. We are for A.i & Blocks economic of smart society 5.0. Please explore our true products and promote the ecosystem with us. Join us now!

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