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Why UniChain referred as blockchain 4th generation


Blockchain is a technology which was introduced first in 2008 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This technology provided the method to ensure the most important thing to the cyber world, which is digital trust as blockchain could record sensitive important information in to the cyber public space as transparent,time-stamped, decentralized ledger (which could record transactions of two parties in a permanent way without any third-party to approve or authenticate) and the most important it doesnt allow any one to remove it.
Bitcoin was the first product created and applied using blockchain technology. The Bitcoin project was known as purely peer to peer Electronic cash system, which we call as crypto currency in today. As a cash system called Bitcoin, this version of blockchain technology (called version 1.0)could handle only 3 to 7 transactions per second and need up to 30 to 60 minutes to get confirmed.
Since 2015 the second block chain was built by Vitalik Buterin and called Ethereum(ETH) (preferred as blockchain version 2.0),this Etherium blockchain is still as an open,decentralized ledger but could record other assets such as loans or contracts not just transaction of currency (called support smart contracts). The maximum transaction that ETH can process is 15.
Since the second block chain was built, there were many deveplopments and investments around the world concentraight into blockchain 3rd technologies as people realized that blockchain could be applied for many different fields in daily life such as, banking, financial, education…
UniChain is a blockchain for A.i & Blocks Economic also was created during this era, UniChain refered as blockchain 4th generation. Since Bitcoin blockchain using method proof of work and Etherium blockchain using proof of stake and to validate each different type of blockchain use different ways of algorithium to validate transaction and achieve consensus, and that the main reasons causes slow output to finalize a transacsion, as different algorium would take different amount of time. 
Unichain uses Dpos-Hotstuff consensus algorithm which reduces the computational complexity, a block is finalized within 1-2 seconds. Also, UniChain was built with some advanced funcionalities to support multiple chain (also called side chain), support cross chain using what call as UniBridge Protocol, all these give UniChain have a great capability to handle scalable and very secure transactions with also very high speed output.
UniChain is a blockchain technology was designed to focused on increasing transaction output, supports decentralized applications to create great ecosystem with all connected and could interact with each other such as: UniBots, UniMe….
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