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Overview Mia | Multiple Intelligences Alliance

Overview Mia | Multiple Intelligences Alliance
The first – What’s Mia Web and Apps?
Mia.world has full web and ios, android applications social network for developers and business. We are dreamed of the special generation in online communications, envisioning a social and chat app that would give people everywhere the most exciting and helpful technology sharing with UniWorld ecosystem.

The Second – What are our visions in Artificial intelligence & Blockchain Communities?
Especially Mia.world is Multiple Intelligences Alliance in the world of developers, programmers, people and who development technologies, applications and users play games online, business, trading and othes in A.I and Blockchain industries. In other words, we are a business slim social networking site, linking people as gateway between people in the World for emerging technology system living and doing with AI, BLOCKCHAIN.


The Third, what we do service for long term visions?

  1. Business Matching Connecting different stakeholders and communities (VCs, government, startups, experts, universities, R&D labs,…) of the emerging tech ecosystem.
  2. High-profile Conference & Content Curation Consulting and hosting private events, meetups, seminars and online platforms with B2B matching purpose as well as content curation and creation service.
  3. Marketing – Pr – Branding – Community Service Retaining model or project-based marketing services to cover integrated marketing services from social media, event roadshow to PR distribution.
  4. Marketing Service Consulting Based on our partner’s and client’s requests, we can provide consulting and project management for new platform and new services.
    Please, join and promote communies together with us.

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