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What is UniMe? Communicate humanity & Bots

UniMe is a communication application with new concepts such as where the hosts and customers communicates with the virtual assistants. In other words, UniMe is the bridge, connecting people and bots for Business and life
The Concept of UniMe
CREATIVE DESIGN Ui UX – For Easy to use: simplicity and ease of use, is the basic to become habitual and self-convenient
App version of Bot platform: UniMe is the App version for users of the Unibot Virtual Assistant platform.
UNIME as a bridge: Connecting people and bots for business and life such as communication, wallet payment, verification, and unitiy component of the UniWorld Ecosystem


The Features of UniMe:
Crypto Wallet Payment: you can feel confident your Digital Assets have the highest level of privacy and reliability when being sent, received, or simply being stored.
Manage Your Bot anywhere: Allow you to easily manage your bot, manage business statistics and more…
Communicate with people and their bots: Let you easily find your friends or partners in digital world, create conversations, and more…
Simple, Secure, Reliable messaging: you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging, Voice or Video calling for free and more…
Instant QR Codes :more than just chatting with friends or bots, with uniworld system using it to wallet payment, clients and B2B partners for sales, marketing, product support and customer service
Create Bot on A.i Base: Via Unibot you can build your own personal bot, to be your virtual assistant, to automate your social media – mail – sms, to be you, to be your friend, to be your business tools handle repeating processes in business
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